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Jestha Nagarik

Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata a saving account , was designed with aim to facilitate the senior citizens with age 60 or above,  considering the retirement plans to meet their financial...

Star Child Education Saving

Start getting ( 12% interest for 1 year), ( 12.5% interest for 2 years) and ( 13% interest for 3 years )

Nari Lakhpati Saving

Start getting ( 12% interest for 1 year), ( 12.5% interest for 2 year ) and  ( 13% interest for 3 year )

Star Special Saving

Start getting 8.5% to 12% interest with minimum balance Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 50,00,000/-

9th Annual General Meeting

Message from the Chairman

I would like to express my heartiest thanks to all of our members and shareholders for their valuable contributions. We fondly treasure and hold our slogan - “Simply the best for Saving & Credit”. Star Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd has established itself as a leading co-operative in a short span of time. The Chairman believes, Star Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd, which is moving forward with the motive of not compromising on quality service, will soon be established as one of the premier member-centric financial institutions.Therefore, for this, we need...

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Mr. Dinesh Rai


Mr. Prakash Basnet

General Secretary

Ms. Sheela Shrestha

Vice President